The word qaqItlhneS is simply WRONG and means nothing.

It has been around on the web(1) for many years (at least before 2001, see below), where many people believe it means "pleased to meet you". The correct way to say that is qaqIHneS, coumpound of the prefix qa- "I-you", the verb qIH meet (for the first time) and the honorific suffix -neS.


The oldest mentioning of the word was found on 01 February 2001 on a private website about Klingon maintained by a member of the Klingon Assault Group (2). The author thanks some "Eric" for providing this information. It may be possible that this is Eric Andeen.

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1 : Google-Search for the word qaqItlhneS with about 770 results

2 : Learn Klingon the probably first appearance of the word

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