qep'a' T-Shirts

For almost each qep'a', there has been a T-Shirt for the attendees, showing a klingon motto with a klingon phrase.


1. qep'a' wa'DIch

2. qep'a' cha'DIch

3. qep'a' wejDIch

The T-shirts had the image of Shakespeare as a Klingon on the front, drawn by Gennie Summers, with the words taH pagh taHbe' on the back.

4. qep'a' loSDIch

5. qep'a' vaghDIch

6. qep'a' javDIch

7. qep'a' SochDIch

qep'a' T-shirt 2000
White T-shirt with black font.

The front shows a fist squeezing a tribble, on top of that there is a phrase written in pIqaD:

yIH luluHoHlu'meH QaQ Hoch jaj Every day is a good day to kill tribbles.

8. qep'a' chorghDIch

qep'a' T-shirt 2001
White T-shirt with black font.

The image on the T-shirt was obviously based on a painting of the belgian painter René Magritte, showing a Klingon having a hat suspended in midair above his head and a face obscured by a large fruit.

The bottom line reads qep'a' chorghDIch written in pIqaD.

9. qep'a' HutDIch

qep'a' T-shirt 9
The nineth T-shirt was dull green and portrayed a Klingonesque George Washington in the manner of a US $1 bill.

10. qep'a' wa'maHDIch

qep'a' T-shirt 10
The bright yellow T-shirt showed Benjamin Franklin with Klingon garb and forehead, on top the phrase qep'a' wa'maHDIch (10th qep'a'). On the back of the shirt, there are a number of aphorisms written in pIqaD evocative of phrases printed in Poor Richard's Almanack (1).
Klingon translation Original
qaSpu'DI' wej jaj, He'choH bIQDep SuchwI' je. After three days, a visitor and a fish start to stink. 143. Fish and visitors stink in three days.
Dom rur wIgh jIv. An ignorant genius is like crude dilithium crystal. 156. Genius without education is like silver in the mine.
bImoD, bIwoD. You hurry, you throw away. 184. Haste makes waste.
rapbe' vIHwI' vangwI' je. Someone who acts is not the same as someone who moves. (?)
Qa'Hom jonbe' QongtaHbogh targh. A sleeping targ does not catch a QaHom. 537. The sleeping fox catches no poultry.
peghlaH wej, Heghpu'chugh cha'. Three can keep something secret if two have died. 559. Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.

11. qep'a' wa'maH wa'DIch

Rosie the Riveter
This T-shirt was a Klingon rendition of "Rosie the Riveter" underneath the caption wIta'laHqu' ("We can do it"), written in pIqaD.

12. qep'a' wa'maH cha'DIch

qep'a' T-shirt 12
The qep'a' 12 T-shirt was designed by Sam Thorp(2), who also made several cover images of HolQeD. It shows a Klingon Mickey Mouse in front of a Earth globe with Klingon Bird of Preys flying around it. The top phrase mentions the qep'a' number as usual, the buttom phrase reads machqu' qo', literally "the world is very small".

13. qep'a' wa'maH wejDIch

14. qep'a' wa'maH loSDIch

15. qep'a' wa'maH vaghDIch

16. qep'a' wa'maH javDIch

17. qep'a' wa'maH SochDIch

qep'a' T-shirt 17
Phrase in pIqaD reads qoqqoq QoQqoq je, "So-called robot and so-called music", a wordplay with the type 3 noun suffix -qoq. The T-shirt was designed by Tad Stauffer(3)

18. qep'a' wa'maH chorghDIch

19. qep'a' wa'maH HutDIch

There was no qep'a' T-shirt this year.

20. qep'a' cha'maH DIch

21. qep'a' cha'maH wa'DIch

There was no qep'a' T-shirt this year.

22. qep'a' cha'maH cha'DIch

qep'a' T-shirt 22
The top line on the red shirt says nabmey mach tIchenmoHQo' written in pIqaD, meaning Make no small plans, which was a famous phrase spoken by one of Chicago's early mayors.

The bottom says - as usual - qep'a' cha'maH cha'DIch, the number of the year's qep'a'.

23. qep'a' cha'maH wejDIch

qep'a' T-shirt 23
This years shirt shows the robot known as Bender (from Futurama) holding a bottle of beer in one hand and a Bat'leth in his right hand. The letters in pIqaD on top of the robot say baS Sa'HutwIj boch yIchop Bite my shiny metal ass . The bottom line names the number of the qep'a'.

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1 : Full text of Poor Richard's almanack, by Benjamin Franklin, 2014

2 : presumably, as the signature says "samthor"

3 : If it walks like a Klingon, talks like a Klingon, published 8 Aug 2010

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