Qo'noS QonoS - Issue #4, April 2000

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nuq DughojmoH pIraQIS?

qonta' 'angghal
(written by Lawrence M. Schoen)

Hov leng lutDaq jorpu' juHqo' maS. tlhInganpu' taHtaHghach buQchu' Qughvam. 'ach lut 'oH neH Dochvam'e'. qaSbe'. pagh chaq wej qaSbe'. jIjatlhnIS.

le'qu' jarvam jaj cha'maH cha'DIch. tera' jaj 'oH . wejmaHDIch tera' jaj 'oH. chay' Dalop'a'?

chal yIbuS. Say'bej''a'? bItlhuHlaHchu''a'? tlhuHlaH'a' puqpu'lI'. watlh'a' bIQlIj? bItlhutlhDI' bISIv'a'? basmey bImum? tarmey? qaghIj. 'e' vIHechbe' 'ej rejmorgh jIHbe' 'ach lamchoH qo'maj. wIqaSmoH 'ej nabmey Dupmey je DIqelnIS. nInmey chu' DIHaDnIS. muD Huj wIyajnIS. bIQ'a'meymaj DIQannIS.

pIraQIS wIqawnIS.

bIlop. DaneH'a', vaj qaStaHvIS tera' jaj wa' Doch yIghel'egh.

chay' jIQaHlaH jIH?

'ej bIQaHlaHqu'. napqu'. bISaplaH. qo' DachoHlaH.

bIghojrupchugh vaj http://www.earthday.net/ yISuch.

chaq wej maH nem nItlho' puqpu'. 'eb tInob.

nagh beQ

ghItlhta' taD
(drawing by Tad Stauffer)

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