Qo'noS QonoS - Issue #7, July 2000

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vuDwIj: toch De'wI'vaD ghItlhwI'mey

qonta' 'angghal
(written by Lawrence M. Schoen)

nuHmey nIv ghaj SuvwI'pu nIv. net Sov. QaQ butlh 'ach rut yapbe'. De' SuvwI' SoHchugh vaj nuHmeylIjvaD De'wI' Dalo' 'ej chaq toch De'wI' Dalo'.

toch De'wI'vaD naQjej moj ghItlhwI' 'ej chonnaQmey law' tu'lu'. chay' DawIv?

ghItlhwI'mey puS vInuDpu'. yIqIm.

toch De'wI'wIj vIje'DI' tlhej ghItlhwI' wa'DIch. mep 'oH naQjejvam. Qap 'ej yap. not latlh vIghajnISbe'. 'e' vIHar. jImuj.

qaS wa' Hogh 'ej ghItlhwI' cha'DIch vIHev. jIHvaD tlhevjaQ le' nob be'nalwI'. qonwI' jIH. rut toch De'wI'Daq jIghItlh 'ej rut navDaq jIghItlh. 'e' yaj be'nalwI'. toch De'wI'Daq navDaq je ghItlhlaH tlhevjaQ chu'. Dun 'ej not latlh vIghajnISbe'. 'e' vIHar. jImuj.

qaS wa' latlh Hogh 'ej latlh nob vIHev. vagh ghItlhwI'mey pIm 'oH naQjej wejDIch. yImISQo'. rap vagh ghItlhwI' 'ach SuD wej ghItlhwI' 'ej Doq wa' ghItlhwI' 'ej pIm latlh. naHmey pIm rur Hoch. iMac De'wI'mey Daleghpu'chugh vaj bIyaj. pay' DuHmey vIghaj. jIQeHchugh naQjej Doq vIwIvlaH. jI'IQchugh naQjej SuD vIwIvlaH. jIQuchchugh latlh naQjej vIwIvlaH. Dunqu' 'ej not latlh vIghajnISbe'. 'e' vIHar. jImuj.

qaS cha' latlh Hogh 'ej paw cha' ghItlhwI'mey. Dojqu' ghItlhwI' chu'. motlhbe' naQjejvam. ghIntaq bIH. 'ughqu' 'ej Subqu'. ghopwIjDaq vI'uchDI' jIHoSghajchoH. boch wa' ghIntaq 'ej qIj wa ghIntaq. QIn le' ghaj. Doq 'ej wov. tlhoS mIn meQ QInvam. toch De'wI'wI' DuQ. jIHHom qIpchu'. 'ach jIrInbe'. ghIntaq laghlu' 'ej QIn machqu' ngaS wa' 'ay'. toch De'wI' taghqa'moHmeH QIn machqu' lo'lu'.

qaS jar law' 'ej ghItlhwI'wI' vIwIv. not naQjej motlh vIlo'. Dal mep nap. rut chonnaQ vIlo' mumonmoHmo'. 'a' tlhoS reH ghIntaq vImaS. jIqonDI' mupIlmoHlaH nuHna'vam. reH yIqaw: ghIthwI' HoSghaj law' 'etlh HoSghaj pus.

Daqmey bISuchchugh qonmeH naQjej law' bItu'laH.

nagh beQ

ghItlhta' taD
(drawing by Tad Stauffer)

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