Qo'noS QonoS - Issue 15, March 2001

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ngav yoy

qonta' Barrows ra'wI'
(written by unknwon author)

DaHjaj wanI' Daj vIqel. luDelmeH «Writer's Block» lujatlh Humanpu'. «ngav» yaj tlhInganpu'. 'ach rut ghItlhnISDI' qonwI', chImlaw' yabDaj. pagh qech ghaj. qaStaHvIS jajmey law' qel 'ej SIv 'ej Qub. HoS law' natlh. poH law' natlh. 'ach pagh qech Suq. wanI'vam luDelmeH «Writer's Block» lujatlh Humanpu'. wanI'vam lupar chaH. chaH nuQ 'oH. Suvchugh 'ej pagh luHev, lo'laHbe' 'e' luHar. 'ach Humanpu' chaH, 'ej vIt luyajbe'. lo'laH Hoch may'. reH ngoQ tu'lu'. reH tev tu'lu'. may' rur yIn'e'.

vaj nIDlI' qonwI'. tugh ghItlhvam qonnIS. qonbe'chugh, QuchHa' pInDaj, 'ej bIj. bechvIpbe', 'ach Qap neH. tagha' qech Sam 'ej ghItlhchoHqu'! ghItlh 'ej ghItlh 'ej ghItlhtaH. 'oy' ghop, 'ach ghItlhlI'. ngav SIQ. rInDI' may'Daj, lut pov ghaj. bechpu', 'oy'pu', 'ej tagha' charghta'. Human ghaHchugh, chaq leS 'e' chaw'. Doy'. 'oy' ghopDaj yabDaj je. 'ach not leS tlhIngan qonwI'. latlh qech charghnIS! vaj pInDajvaD nobDI', latlh lut SamchoH. reH latlh lut Sam qonwI'na'.

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