Quizlet is a free software to help train your word pool, made by Quizlet Inc. from San Francisco, California, USA (1). Users can create new vocabulary lists via the website, then learn them via the website itself, or an app for Android(2) or iOS. Training is done relatively simple by using flashcards or querying, using either language as start. Further available are tests and a game similar to Memory.

Klingon vocabularies

Since individual users can open their vocabulary lists for other users, a lot of klingon lists exist (by August 2015, about 100). Two of them ("Klingon TKD" und "Klingon post-TKD") were apparently created and provided by David Trimboli. The lists are ordered by difficulty or category, many use The Klingon Dictionary, Klingon Postal Course or KLCP as guidelines, so it's rather easy to find a list best suited for the intended purpose.

However, since virtually anyone can create a list, it is necessary to be careful: Mistakes are always possible.

Currently the klingon language is not supported as a language of its own, which is why vocabulary lists have to use either "other/unknown" or a random language. Unfortunately, punctuation marks, like the apostrophe (which in klingon is a letter!) are simply ignored, which is why the answer Duy' (be defective) is treated the same as Duy (Emissary), even though they are completely different. Case is ignored as well, meaning the program will accept toQDuj, which is correct, just as it would accept "tOqdUj" which is certainly not correct in klingon.

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Compound sentences in Klingon consists of 2 basic sentences joined ...

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