Quotable Klingon

Quotable Klingon card Q1
The Quotable Klingon cards are part of a trading cards set "Star Trek Aliens 2014" released on 19 november 2014 (1) by Scifihobby.com and/or Rittenhouse Archives. These klingon cards are so-called insert-cards. There are nine in total, numbered from Q1 to Q9(2). Each card contains several klingon phrases, taken from The Klingon Way, displayed in both latin letters and klingon pIqaD. The cards contain no new klingon words or expressions. Before being published, the phrases had been proofread by Felix Malmenbeck, while he did not know for which purpose those phrases were intended (3).

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1 : homepage of the publisher

2 : Cards Checklist on scifihobby.com

3 : Comment by Felix Malmenbeck in the "Learn Klingon" Facebook Group on 2 March 2015

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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is the fifth Star Trek movie. It was ...
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is the fifth Star Trek movie. It was ...
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