Ranks and titles

Ranks and titles always follow the name, e.g. Qugh HoD for captain Kruge (1). A ra'wI' is - directly translated - "someone who gives an order", thus does not indicate a rank. The rank of Sogh and higher can be called ra'wI'. Names of profession like QumpIn (communication officer) or ya (officer) are not used as titles. (2).

Hierarchy of officers:

Rank English Klingon
0 Supreme Commander la'quv
1 Admiral 'aj
2 General Sa'
3 Fleet admiral totlh
4 Brigadier 'ech
5 Captain HoD
6 Commander la'
7 Lieutenant Sogh
8 Ensign lagh
9 Yeoman ne'

A retired officer bears the title 'utlh, i.e. qarghan 'utlh Kargan, officer emeritus. (3)

Hierarchy of soldiers

Rank English Klingon
1 Sergeant bu'
2 Corporal Da'
3 Soldier mang


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