Rea Nolan

Rea Nolan is a voice coach, teaching accents and dialects. (1)

It is not confirmed officially, but her Twitter messages make it appear that she is involved in the language coaching of the Klingon actors announced for Star Trek Discovery. (2) (3) In later messages of that thread, she mentions that she is "phonetics though, not language" and that she loves Star Trek. (4).


1 : Rea Nolan's Twitter account, retrieved 31 Jan 2017

2 : Tweet of 23 Jan 2017 "Excited to be involved in the Star Trek fanchise / phenonmenon as dialect coach!"

3 : Tweet of 28 Jan 2017 "My new colleagues. I'm dialect coaching!"

4 : Tweet of 29 Jan 2017 "One of the most interesting jobs I've been offered. Doesn't hurt that I love ST."

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