Rea Nolan

Rea Nolan is a voice coach, teaching accents and dialects. (1)

She is the dialect coach for the Klingons in season 1 and 2 of Star Trek: Discovery. (2) (3) On Twitter, she mentions that she is "phonetics though, not language" and that she loves Star Trek. (4).


1 : Rea Nolan's Twitter account, retrieved 31 Jan 2017

2 : Tweet of 23 Jan 2017 "Excited to be involved in the Star Trek franchise / phenonmenon as dialect coach!"

3 : Tweet of 28 Jan 2017 "My new colleagues. I'm dialect coaching!"

4 : Tweet of 29 Jan 2017 "One of the most interesting jobs I've been offered. Doesn't hurt that I love ST."

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