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The internet is full of sites about the Klingon language. Some of them are nice to look at, some are ugly. Many have lists of Klingon expressions, some even detailed information about Grammar. But the major problem especially for beginners is to recognize which of these are really useful.

On this page, you may find some of the most interesting pages to visit to learn Klingon. If a page is not listed here, it does not mean that it's no good. It just means we did not find it yet. Feel free to add pages of which you think they are useful for Klingon study.

Please note that the used categories here are merely chosen for better overview, it does not make a big difference in quality.

Important resources

Other sites about Klingon

KLI approved websites

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In 2014, Klingonist Lieven L. Litaer suggested to create some kind of approval system to make certifications of websites, checked or approved by a committee of the KLI, so that visitors may have the chance to recognize good pages. This idea was rejected for several reasons, mainly because the question was what would happen if a page changes its contents, and who would follow their quality.
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