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Redbubble T-shirts is one of many websites selling Klingon themed T-shirts, some of them also with Klingon phrases. In this case, the T-shirts are contributed from multiple, independent artists. Some of the phrases are written in latin letters, others using pIqaD. Most of them are not showing proper Klingon, having incorrect transliterations to pIqaD or some really strange grammar.

Klingon Shakespeare

This shirt with the famous Klingon phrase from Hamlet shows how important punctuation is, even in Klingon: taH pagh taHbe' means "To be or not to be", but what the shirt says is: taH pagh, taH be' meaning "Nobody exists, the woman exists".

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Star Wars

This shirt shows the phrase "stella bellum" written in pIqaD, which then turns out as Stella bellum. The creator explains that he translated "Star Wars" into Latin, and then spelled it out in the Klingon alphabet. He add that "this is the way to translate anything into Klingon", which is absolute nonsense (and again shows that there are still people who believe Klingon is a fake language).

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Tupac's lyrics

The shirt has the following phrase written in pIqaD: chHotpu jIHqo' 'achH yIvqo' jIH. Ignoring the transliteration mistake, the result is still unclear: chotpu' jIHQo' 'ach yIvQo' jIH. Using the words only, it may mean something close to "I refuse to murder, but I refuse to bother". The grammar of this phrase is very close to a literal translation from English, that it seems to be a Bing translation, but the pages gives a note by the creator, who explains that the phrase roughly translates as "I ain't a killer, but don't push me", a quote from a 1996 song "Hail Mary" by Tupac. Bing does not give this as a result, so the artist probably made this himself.

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I Like Skiing More Than You

This shirt uses the pIqaD font known as HaSta: SuqIy lengmeH'a' jIH ven law' SoH ven puS. The creator of this phrase explains that he is aware that there is no word for skiing, so he rephrased the sentence to "I am more deeply into ski trips than you (are)!" - ven is a new word released in 2015 (for the Festival of the spoken Nerd) meaning "be nerdy" for "someone who is really into something". So the phrase is not so bad at all: The part jIH ven law' SoH ven puS means "I am nerdier than you".

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Bottle of Bloodwine

This shirt displays a label for a bottle of Klingon bloodwine. In the middle, there is a large trefoil. One side it has a long English text, the other side shows the same text in Klingon, written in pIqaD.

printed words cleaned transcription original English phrase
HIvje' van'a' qap HIq HIvje' van'a' Qap HIq Ketha Sep ghaHDaq chaw'nIS bernarDo'. Fill your glass with the award winning wine of the ketha region.
QetHa Sep' ghHaHDaq
chHaw'nIS bernarDo' lo'
neH 'achH quv 'Iw qaStaH lo' neH 'ach quv 'Iw qaStaHvIS qegh fermentation mIw Only the most honorable blood is used in our barrel fermentation process.
vIS qeghH chermentation
mIw qantaHvIS HochH qantaHvIS Hoch bal perfection Each bottle is aged to perfection.
bal perngechtion'
paghH qup tlHInghan wo' pagh qup tlhIngan wo' batlh laj Accept nothing less to honor the Klingon empire
batlH laj
yay yay To victory.

The appearance of the name "Bernardo" (bernarDo', a character from Hamlet) quickly reveals that this has been translated by Bing. Entering the english phrases in the Bing translator will give you the exact Klingon translation used on the shirt.

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Klingon Flirting

This shirt has the phrase written in pIqaD: jIHvaD tlhuchtlh. This what Bing turns out when you enter "F*ck me".

As a side note: Bing actually gives "jIHvaD fuck" as a result, but when converted to pIqaD in the app, the software really shows jihvad xucx, hence replacing both f and k by the symbol for tlh.

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