This article refers to grammtical redundancy. For redundancy in Klingon physiology, see Braklul


When speaking Klingon, it is quite common to repeat parts of a phrase, hence creating some redundancy. There are also a handful of words with nearly identical meaning

Grammatical redundancy

  • using explicit plural suffixes when verb prefixes make them inevitable
  • using -Daq on the object of a verb with a locative meaning
  • answering by repeating the question as a statement (1).
  • Clipped Klingon never seems to omit any suffixes, except -'e' at the end of a copula.
  • using rIntaH to indicate -ta' with a sense of finality

Double words

HIja'/HISlaH yes
joH/jaw lord
qIt/DuH be possible


1 : explained in Conversational Klingon

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