Relative clauses

A relative clause is a phrase which, like an adjective, describes a noun. In Klingon, the verb is marked by type 9 suffix -bogh, which is usually translated in English as who, which, where, that, etc.


loD qIpbogh puq the child who hits the man
This is not a sentence itself, but a relative clause which can be used as a subject or object of another verb. To avoid confusion as to which noun in the relative phrase is the head noun, the type 5 noun suffix -'e' can be added to the head noun.

loD qIpbogh puq'e' vIlegh. I see the child who hits the man.
loD'e' qIpbogh puq vIlegh. I see the man whom the child hits.
mulegh loD qIpbogh puq'e'. The child who hits the man sees me.
mulegh loD'e' qIpbogh puq. The man whom the child hits sees me.

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