EuroTalk Rhythms

Rhythms is an audiobook by EuroTalk Ltd. based on the vocabulary used in and created for Talk Now: Klingon(1). Since the sounds files are taken directly from the other software, the same mistakes (e.g. the bad pronunciation) are existing.

From the publisher's page:
Just listen! You'll hear Klingon spoken by both a male and a female native speaker and there will be plenty of opportunity for you to test how well you’re doing with the review stages built in at key points in each track.

Rhythms is a great commuting companion; listen in the car or on the train. Absorbing a language couldn’t be easier.


+ Easy learning of Klingon, because you can just listen to it while driving, working etc.

- Annoying background music
- no Star Trek related information, but just general quoting of words with no surrounding story



1 : Publisher's website

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