Mainly in episodes of Star Trek TNG and DSN several klingon rituals were shown. Some of these rituals found their way into the vocabulary and end with the word tay ritual:

Klingon English Notes
be'joy' ritual torture by a woman not really canon, appeared in the novel "Sarek"
bIreqtal Brek'tal If somebody kills the husband of a klingon woman in an honorable way and the victim has no successor, then the killer is allowed to marry the woman.
chontay ritual hunt
Heghbat ritual suicide
Heghtay death ritual
ja'chuq rite of succession
muvtay initiation
nentay rite of ascension
qutluch tay Kut'luch ceremony KGT, p. 62
ruStay bonding ritual similar to a blood bond
SonchIy death ritual (for a leader)

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