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Rune Writer is an Android-app which lets you transcribe latin letters into other alphabets (various runes and historical characters)(1). It is developed by the company PB Softworks in Karlsruhe.

In the full version of the app, it is also possible to transcribe latin characters into pIqaD. This didn't work for a longer period of time, because it was not known how to enter the characters. But since the 6th of may in 2015, there is a virtual keyboard implemented into the program, which solves this problem: the latin transcription on the virtual keyboard isn't 100% correct, but it is easy to figure out, which character is meant.

Apart from characters and numbers, there are also dot, comma, a trefoil and additional symbols. Font size, font color and background color are customizable and the pIqaD-characters can be exported as an image or be transferred to other programs. The characters also allow to be copied to the clipboard in the UTF-8-Format, but this doesn't do much, because there is only no support for fonts in Android. This problem however can be solved with the help of other apps.

The used font is equivalent to the type pIqaD HaSta.
pIqaD HaSta.png


Entering a text is quite difficult and unusual, even though they have added a keyboard with Klingon letters: this keyboard is missing the space key, so you need to switch to your normal keyboard to add a space. On the other hand, when typing with the normal keyboard, the mapping of the font is quite unusual. Interesting to note is that when you enter TH or CH, it is converted to one single letter x and c, representing tlh and ch. Typing TLH will incorrectly be transcribed to tlh (t l H) instead of x (tlh).

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1 : Google Play-webpage, retrieved 20th August 2015

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