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The multimedia facturing company Samsung did a PR event on his german Facebook page on 20th November in 2017(1). User could comment on the initial post, which were then translated into Klingon by Klingonist Lieven L. Litaer.


Right on the first day the post received around 250 comments. During the following days, the post was liked over 1900 times and shared over 130 times (24.11.2017).

There were some sentences, that were requested frequently.
  • top comment was without a doubt "I love you", which was translated bangwI' SoH "You are my loved one.", because the is no verb for "(to) love" in Klingon.
  • very frequently requested was the Star Wars quote "May the force be with you", in Klingon Dutlhejjaj HoS.
  • The most known klingon insult was requested very frequently: "Your mother has a flat forehead" is Hab SoSlI' Quch.
  • Many wanted to know, how to say a (in Germany) very known quote from an advertisement: "I don't want to buy this carpet". This is *tlhImvam vIje' vIneHbe'*_.

There were a lot of senseless comments, but also a few special ones, like for example
"The laws of Kepler describe a beautiful phenomenon, which happens far far away from our world. Also, in a galaxy far far away, the midi-chlorians are omnipresent."
juHqo'majDaq Hopqu'bogh wanI' 'IHqu' luDel Kepler chutmey. 'ej Hopchu'bogh qIb Hopqu'Daq Dat Midi-Chlorian-mey tu'lu'.

"Child, tidy up your room! "
puq, pa'lIj yISay'moH.

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1 : (de) photography on Samsung Germany on Facebook, uploaded 20.11.2017


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