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Secret Fighting Arts of The Warrior Race

Cover of the book
The book Secret Fighting Arts of The Warrior Race, Volume 1 - betleH yIqel is a book about klingon Bat'leth fighting techniques, published in 1996 by Pacific Warriors, Inc. It was written by Chet Braun aka HetaQ. The book contained martial arts instruction. Text included 250 photos and many foot diagrams.(1) The Klingon seen on the photos is the author Chet Braun himself(2). The book is no longer available after it was banned.

Klingon language

The book includes many klingon proverbs, chapter titles and uses many fighting vocabulary, mostly written in pIqaD. William Martin wrote the pIqaD intro and edited all the Klingon text in this book, with Robyn Stewart actively participating as well. (3)

The book is mostly in English with pictures of fine warriors performing exercises with and without Klingon weapons. Klingon text is scattered throughout, both in Okrand's romanized form and in pIqaD. The introduction appears only in pIqaD so that only those disciplined and determined enough to understand it may enjoy its message.


The author tried to get Paramount to work with him on the book but they refused. When he did it anyway, including a disclaimer saying that it had nothing to do with Paramount, their lawyers objected strongly enough that they got an injunction to block publication. Few poeple did have a chance to get a copy of the book before the author burned them all, publicly. The entire inventory was destroyed by order of Paramount/Viacom(4)

Officially it seems the author did not get permission to sell the book using the language, but it is likely that Paramount did not want to cooperate in a book teaching how to wield a dangerous weapon.


Title: Secret Fighting Arts of The Warrior Race
Author: HetaQ
Price: $16.00
Pages: 176
Binding: Quality Perfectbound Lay-Flat Paperback
Size: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 1-890065-00-5
Bar Code: Yes


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