The word serif is used in combination with computer fonts or font faces in general. They describe those little lines that are attached to letters. Basically, they are just decorative, but they can also help to make letters easier to be distinguished from each other. When writing Klingon, it is important to use a serif typeface, mostly to distinguish upper case I (eye) from lower case l (ell). Otherwise it would be nearly impossible to seperate them, which is very hard especially for beginners who do not yet know the basic syllable structure.

Good fonts

Very known fonts that have serifs are Times New Roman, which is used in most canon sources and if you like a modern type font, Verdana or Tahoma which is used in the Klingon textbook and in this Klingon language wiki.

The following example shows the differences, using the phrase De'wI' lISnIS banglI' 'e' vISov "I know that your loved one must adjust the computer." In this example, the typographic "nice" apostrophe is used.


Resulting mistakes

Using a sans-serif font has lead to mistkaes very often when people copy texts from the internet or similar. The most common mistake is copying a word ending with -wI' as -WL'.

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