Sexuality terms

The Klingon language does not have many terms regarding sexuality. There are some basic terms that consider the topic, but the words for the specific body parts have not appeared until the qepHom 2018.

This is probably due to American puritanism. For various reasons, American mainstream television has decided that violence is okay, but anything sexual is taboo for a "family-friendly" audience. Star Trek, being family-friendly, has therefore tended to shy away from talking too much about that kind of thing. It seems like Marc Okrand has decided to follow that pattern. He has never elaborated why he hasn't talked much about sexual vocabulary, but has talked about why Maltz doesn't talk about sexual vocabulary.


word translation source year
bogh be born The Klingon Dictionary 1985
chI'ID uterus qepHom 2018
DaynguH testicle qepHom 2018
lInchuq have a physical relationship qepHom 2016
ngagh mate with Power Klingon 1994
nga'chuq perform sex HolQeD 1992
qey'Hav vagina qepHom 2018
yatlh be pregnant Klingon for the Galactic Traveler 1997
'InSep penis qepHom 2018

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