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One can also express a phrase in the Klingon language which, for example, is "as cold as ice" in English. This phrase is called a simile. According to KGT, it is considered an admirable art between Klingons, as it shows the intelligence and the language mastery of the speaker.


In Klingon, such a simile is expressed by two sentences, which are followed by the verb rur. The first sentence expresses the property of a person or thing, the second sentence represents a model which embodies this property.


The following table shows a few usage examples, mostly from KGT unless otherwise marked:

Klingon Translation Note
bIr; bortaS rur cold as revenge based on the Revenge-phrase
bIt; tI'qa' vIghro' rur nervous as a tika cat
boch; ghIch rur shiny as a nose
Dogh; tIghla' rur silly as a t'gla (a type of an animal)
lo'laHbe'; chetvI' chIm rur worthless as an empty torpedo tube
ghung; qagh rur hungry as a serpent worm
Hem; tlhIngan rur proud as a klingon
Hoj; tera'ngan rur cautious as a terran
HoS; 'Iw rur strong as blood
HoSghaj; mupwI' rur powerful as a hammer
jej; Daqtagh rur sharp as a warrior's knife
jejHa'; naH taj rur blunt as a vegetable knife
jeD; ghevI' rur viscous as a sauce for gagh
let mInDu'Daj; Separmey rur his eyes are as hard as gemstones
lugh; Sor rur correct as a tree
matlhHa'; romuluSngan rur unloyal as a romulan
mIgh; molor rur evil as molor
naS; norgh rur vicious as a norg
nong; vulqangan rur passionate as a vulcan
ngo'; QI'tu' rur old (not new) as the heaven
puj; bIQ rur weak as water
qan; QI'tu' rur old (not young) as the heaven
qej; veqlargh rur grouchy as a Fek'Ihr
qur; verengan rur greedy as a ferengi
quvHa'; ghe'tor ngan rur dishonored as an inhabitant of Gre'thor
ram; ghIlab ghew rur trivial as a glob fly
Sagh; Ho''oy' rur serious as a toothache
tam; Hew rur quiet as a statue
tun; reghuluS 'Iwghargh rur soft as a regulan bloodworm
tlhab; ngem Ha'DIbaH rur free as a forest animal
tlhIb; toppa' rur incompetent as a topah (a type of an animal)
val; Huy' rur clever as an eyebrow
wIH; Hur'Iqngan rur ruthless as a Hur'q
wov; ghI'boj Sech rur bright as G'boj
yuD; jey'naS rur dishonest as a double-headed ax
yuDHa'; ghIt rur honest as an ax blade
'IQ; rav rur sad as the floor
'oj; bomwI' rur thirsty as a singer
'up; yIH rur disgusting as a tribble

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