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The Simpsons

Letters love

pIqaD alphabet
The Simpsons is a well known animated TV-series which started in 1989 and is still running. There has been one episode "My Big Fat Geek Wedding" (season 15, episode 17) in which the main story happens at a science fiction convention, including a Klingon wedding ceremony.

Klingon Language

Wedding scene

The Klingon spoken in the dialogue was entire nonsense. The comic book guy says:
Edna, the Klingons have a romantic saying: Garkta-akt, akta-aah!
Roughly translated it means, "I would kill the children of a thousand planets just to see you smile."
Nevertheless, the letters on the altar represent the word "love" written in pIqaD.

Fighting scene

During a fight, two guys in Klingon costumes speak to each other in nonsense Klingon, with subtitles translating:
- Should we aid our brother in his blood feud?
- No. My mom worked really hard on this costume.

Translation suggestion

On a user named jIHaD offered to suggestions for a translation of this phrase.(1)

qamonmoHmeH, wa'SanID yuQmey puqpu' vIHoHqang.
Just to make you smile, I am willing to kill a thousand planets' children.

bImon 'e' vIleghmeH neH, wa'SanID yuQmey puqpu' vIHoHqang.
Just to see you smile, I am willing to kill a thousand planets' children.

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1 : Re: Need translation for a love note on Klingon Imperial Forums, 15 March 2009

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  • Listen to the scene on, "Last Exit To Springfield"

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