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Skyrim is an action role-playing video game.(1)

Klingon language

Skyrim screenshot.jpg
In December 2019, somebody posted a screenshot from the game to the "Learn Klingon" group on Facebook. It shows a text with Klingon letters. At first sight, the words seem to be nonsense in Klingon and also in English. It is not clear what the purpose of this is, and why these letters appear in the game as such.

Frequent players of the game say that this seems to be a mod someone created to just do a font switch in the game. It's not something players will just come across by playing the game normally. It would be like changing the default Windows font to pIqaD and then going "Tada! Look what I did!"

This appears to be a text in the Dragon language, but written in Mandel script instead of Dragon runes and with different line breaks and some of it cut off on the edges:(2)

  • Aesa wahlaan qethsegol brinahii - (Aesa has raised (this) stone (in) her sister's)
  • vahrukt, Thohild fin toor wen - (memory, Thohild the inferno whose)
  • smoliin ag frin ol sahqo heim - (passion burned hot as (a) red forge.)


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