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Space Channel

Space Channel is a canadian TV channel which also shows Star Trek. When the new series Star Trek: Enterprise was announced to start in fall 2001, it was promoted with two commercials with spoken Klingon (plus two more without spoken Klingon, see below).

Commercial "No More Trek"

SpaceChannel petition.jpg


In the spot someone rings at the door and requests from an old lady to sign his petition to get the channel not to send so much Star Trek. The old lady does not understand what he wants and calls for her son, who lives in the basement like a cliche. He arrives in full Klingon costume, including mask and punches the man in front of the door. After that, he speaks with his mother in Klingon, and she repsonds in Klingon.(1)


The sentences are either pronounced really poorly or more probably no real Klingon. (2)

Speaker Klingon English subtitles Literal translation
Klingon petaQ! Qapla'! P'takh. Victory is mine. P'tahk. Success!
Mother doha chopadaq, hasta You battle without honor. To your quarters! [nonsense]
Klingon baha, jato Aw, come on mom. [nonsense]
Mother charqum rach Enough. [nonsense]

Possible interpretation

All of the following is very speculative guessing.

The phrase doha chopadaq, hasta could be made of the following words: Do'Ha' unfortunately, cho- (prefix you-me) pa' room, -Daq towards. HaSta means visual display, but perhabs this was a very bad pronunciation of ghoStaH keep going. baha could be the curse baQa. jato might be a scrambled jIDo' I was fortunate. charqum rach may be made of ja'Qo' Don't tell me and ruch proceed.

Commercial "Space Klingon school"

SpaceChannel teacher.jpg


The teacher Elsie Roy describes her tireless work at teaching her Klingon students. She specialised in Klingon language studies for ten years. In between various scenes of everyday school life are shown: greeting, Klingon language class (in which the students aren't very good in the beginning; Klingon is described as "poetic" here), the exhortion of the students because of copying during a test and because of prohibited smoking, battle with the bat'leth (which is won by the teacher). She describes that she is proud of her students, which even color the program of childrens birthdays (the children are running away crying). After that it is shown, how much effort she puts in a single student, which later gets his degree. The clip ends with the sentence: "I'm proud to speak Klingon" (the Klingon version of the sentence is however gibberish). (3)


At the black board, real klingon words are written, but the spoken Klingon is only gibberish:
  • "Good morning, class" - "maj dahasta, dash"
  • "Good morning, Ms. Roy" - "maj dahasta, dash, miss Roy"
  • "How much for these apples?" - "L'ta dos p'kaba d'ra" (written on chalk board)
  • "We will now have a surprise quiz" - "heja nuq maj nam mah"
  • "You cause great dishonour" - "t'ka rar k'par dar nak"
  • "I'm proud to speak Klingon" - "heja maj ya qom"

Possible interpretation

All of the following is very speculative guessing.

Some of the words seems clear to understand, although their meaning in the sentence is not clear. For instance the last phrase talks about Klingon, but surely does not include the word "Klingon" (tlhIngan).


  • In both videos, the "old lady" and the "Klingon teacher" are played by the same actress.
  • As visible on the screenshots, the petition clip was aired in a 4:3 ratio, the school video was aired in the 16:9 ratio.
  • The teacher keeps pronouncing the word Klingon incorrectly as "kling-gun" (it should be more like "kling-on").
  • The symbols on the Klingon's gauntlets show the letters brchD

Other clips

The Space Channel also send other clips of this kind, but without Klingon:

See also


1 : No More Star Trek on YouTube, uploaded 1 September 2006

2 : Discussion about the text of February 2006 on the KLI mailing list

3 : Space Klingon School on YouTube, uploaded 13 December 2006


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