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Star Trek: Continuum

Star Trek: Continuum was a project that was created in a cooperation between Microsoft and Paramount Digital Entertainment in 1996 (1).

The project published background information on TOS, TNG, DSN and VOY for every fan, who also was a MSN member. According to the home page, the following things were planned:

  • list of episodes with summaries
  • trailer, teaser and other video clips
  • articles, interviews and video clips of the set
  • informations of the official Star Trek fanclub
  • news from Paramount
  • index of every TV channel broadcasting Star Trek
  • chats with the film crew and the actors
  • live transmissions of events
  • e-mails to the personnel office
  • chats and 3D-chats with fans
  • authentic LCARS-surface

Because there are only a few parts preserved in the web archive, it is impossible to reconstruct how many of those were actually implemented.


1 : Announcement, retrieved 30 December 2015


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