Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine is the fourth TV-show based on Star Trek. The main plot is not happening on a ship, but on a space station named "Deep Space Nine". In the forth season, the Klingons become an important role and Worf joins the crew.

Klingon language

The are many klingon dialogues, but most of them are just rubbish, which some people call Paramount Hol. Anyway, there are several Klingon words that Marc Okrand has taken from the TV show and included them in his new words list in Klingon for The Galactic Traveler, for instance a good night wish maj ram and the warriors anthem.


"Looking For par'Mach in All the Wrong Places"

This episode included some important Klingon dialogues, and several word originated from these vocabulary invented by the authors.

Speaker phrase from script Klingon transcription Translation from script
Dax MoVas ah-kee rustak. mova' 'aqI' ruStaq Today is a good day to die.
Worf Kosh tomah... ehpak Lukara kaVeir. The day is not yet over, Lukara.
Dax Ish-tovee chuCH thling nuq? Would you kill me too?
Worf Meklo boH ka Mech. I smell the burning of your blood.
Dax Te-doQ roos ka... Mech-TOH. The fire is your doing.

The script includes a pronunciation guide:
Word Pronunciation translation (inofficial) Okrandian spelling Source
GRILKA GRILL-ka (female name) ghIrIlqa' KGT
HOLANA ho-LA-nah -
KAHLESS KAY-less (name) qeylIS TKD
LINGTA LING-tah (animal) lIngta' KGT
LUKARA LOO-kar-uh (name of Kahless' wife) luqara' KGT
MAKARA MAH-kar-uh -
MAPARIAN mah-PAIR-ee-an -
MEKRO'VAK MEH-kro-vak (region) meqro'vaq KGT
MOGH Mowgh (name of Worf's father) mogh KGT
MUSILLA MOO-sill-ah -
PARIMACH PAR-mock parmaq KGT
PAZAFER PAH-zuh-fer -
QAM-CHEE KAHM-chee qamchIy paq'batlh
SEPAR suh-PAR a gemstone Separ KGT
TAKEO tuh-KAY-oh -
TARG TARG animal targh Addendum
THOPOK THO-pock (name) -
TUMEK TOO-mek (name) -

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