Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery is the title of a Star Trek TV-series that premiered on September 24, 2017 (on CBS in the USA, on CraveTV in Canada) and on September 25 (on Netflix worldwide).


S E Premiere date Title Klingon lines
1 1 24 Sep 2017 A Vulcan Hello 60
1 2 24 Sep 2017 Battle at the binary stars 76
1 3 1 Oct 2017 Context is for Kings 0
1 4 8 Oct 2017 The butcher's knife cares not for the lamb's cry 140
1 5 15 Oct 2017 Choose Your Pain 1
1 6 22 Oct 2017 Lethe 9
1 7 29 Oct 2017 Magic to make the sanest man go mad 0
1 8 5 Nov 2017 Si vis pacem, para bellum 44
1 9 12 Nov 2017 Into the forest I go 12
1 10 ? Jan 2018 Despite Yourself -
1 11 ? Jan 2018 Episode 11 -
1 12 ? Jan 2018 Episode 12 -
1 13 ? Feb 2018 Episode 13 -
1 14 ? Feb 2018 Episode 14 -
1 15 ? Feb 2018 Episode 15 -

Klingon language

It has been announced publically that the Klingons will definitely speak real Klingon.(1) The Klingon language for the show is provided by Robyn Stewart. Rea Nolan is assisting her as vocal coach.(2)

During a panel on San Diego Comic Con on July 23 2017, producer Gretchen J. Berg announced that the Klingons would speak real Klingon:
[9:17] (3) Because of the story we're telling about the Klingons in this season of Star Trek, it was very important for us to have the Klingons speak Klingon. [...] You'll have to get out your glasses, reading subtitles. [10:35] If you speak and understand Klingon, you will understand... without subtitles.

Alex Kurtzmann added:
[10:40] (4) We have someone who's ... like if we... as we're cutting, if we wanted to adjust lines or anything, it goes through a filter all the time to make sure that every word is correct. So there's someone policing this all the time. [...] we've gone to great lengths to be incredibly accurate in our Klingon.(5)

For a long time, it was not clear whether there would be Klingon spoken in the new series at all, and whether it would be true Klingon or just Paramount Hol. There were few clues though:
  • Klingon actor Christopher Obi had released a short clip on Twitter (which he quickly deleted shortly after) in which he spoke the phrase tlhIngan maH taHjaj.
  • In a private message of February 2017, Marc Okrand assured that he was not involved in the production of the series (at that time).
  • Voice coach Rea Nolan mentioned working with the Klingon actors.


In the series, the following two sentence can be heard very often:
Klingon translation
tlhIngan maH taHjaj We are Klingons, may it endure
qul yIchu' Light the fire

Klingon letters, pIqaD

See main article MOVED TO... pIqaD used in Star Trek: Discovery

Klingon characters

The Klingon character names were released during the above mentioned announcement, but their Klingon spelling appeared on an artwork published on Star Trek Las Vegas Convention 2017 (STLV). (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)

Actor Name Klingon spelling Source
Clare McConnell Dennas DennaS Netflix subtitles
Kenneth Mitchell Kol qol Netflix Subtitles
Mary Chieffo L'Rell lIr'el STLV
Christopher Obi T'Kuvma tIquvma STLV
Damon Runyan Ujilli 'ujIllI'
Javid Iqbal Voq voq STLV
David Benjamin Tomlinson Or'Eq ?

Klingon subtitles

At least on Netflix, klingon subtitles are available. They were created by Lieven L. Litaer (11).


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11 : the subtitle track reads "mughbogh permey: Lieven L. Litaer" (engl. translating labels) at the end

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