Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery is the title of the new Star Trek TV-series announced to premiere in May 2017.

Klingons announcement

On 12 December 2016, CBS announced three actors for Klingon roles.(1) They did so using a klingon phrase. (2) The phrase is written in pIqaD using a so far unknown Klingon font.
STDiscovery Klingon.png
The phrase reads:
ghetwI' luwIvlu'ta'
qul yIchu'

The provided correct translation says "The actors have been chosen. Light the Fire."

Grammatical detail

It is interesting to see the use of the word ghetwI' for "actor". It surely is the correct choice, but we have seen Okrand use the word DawI' as well. The later had been used in the Hamlet translation, long before the word ghetwI' was revealed. See MOVED TO... actor for details.

The better way so say "make a fire" would be using the verb chenmoH, as we know from the replacement proverb DopDaq qul yIchenmoH QobDI' ghu' - "Set fire on the side when there is danger." The word chu' is usually used only for devices. In the official announcement(3), this seems to be chosen on purpose, as the word "Fire" is written in upper case and the page mentions "We'll let you discover what that really means."


In the discussion about this phrase in the Facebook group "Learn Klingon", Lawrence M. Schoen mentioned that the KLI had been contacted and sent in their phrases "on Wednesday" (i.e. 07 Dec 2016). Schoen provided them sentences using the noun DawI', but they were not used. In a private message, Marc Okrand confirmed that he was not involved in the translation of the phrase.(4)

Klingon language

It is not clear whether there will be Klingon spoken in the new series, and whether it will be true Klingon or just Paramount Hol.
  • Klingon actor Christopher Obi has released a short clip on Twitter (which he quickly deleted shortly after) in which he spoke few Klingon words.
  • In a private message of February 2017, Marc Okrand assured that he is not involved in the production of the series.


1 : Qapla' - Discovery Introduces The Klingons,, 12 Dec 2016

2 , 3 : Star Trek: Discovery Reveals Klingon Characters, on, 12 Dec 2016 11:05 a.m.

4 : Email to Lieven L. Litaer of 12 Dec 2016

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