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The Star Trek Expert Forum was the second of three Usenet newsgroups where Marc Okrand answered questions and provided lots of interesting information about Klingon. It was established after the Microsoft Network expert forum had been closed in late 1997. In particular, the Star Trek experts forum moved to startrek.expertforum on 31 December 1997 (1) . This turned out to be very confusing, as all the topics were merged into one forum, so the topics were split up and posts about Klingons went to startrek.klingon in early 1998.

Messages by Okrand

From March until July 1998 until Okrand wrote a total of 7 messages in this board (2). Not all of them contained new information.

# Date Title Contents Archived
1 18 Jan 1998 The Klingon language and this forum Marc Okrand telling he is back see posting on KA  
2 18 Jan 1998 Re: Problem with -meH and negative meanings PICK how to say I am late see posting on KA  
3 18 Jan 1998 Re: Problem with -meH and negative meanings [same message as before with few more details] see posting on KA  
4 02 Feb 1998 Re: Klingon – to be or not to be? Confirms the first words created by James Doohan in ST1 see posting on KA  
5 22 Mar 1998 Re: Need to know some words there's often not a one-for-one equivalence between Klingon and English words see posting on KA  
6 06 Jul 1998 Re: Marc Okrand about a translation of a curse see posting on KA  
7 06 Jul 1998 Re: Marc Okrand – apologies to all. explaining the expression ghIqtal see posting on KA  

List of Usenet Groups

Time Newsgroup Name (not official)
1996-1997 Microsoft Network expert forum
1997 startrek.expertforum Star Trek Expert Forum
1998-1999 startrek.klingon Klingon Usenet Forum

See also


1 : Introduction to the group by Star Trek Senior Producer Marc Wade, of 31 Dec 1997, archived at Klingonska Akademien

2 : See all messages in the Archive of Okrandian Klingon  on Klingonska Akademien (KA)

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