Star Trek Titles in Klingon

There has been a canon translation of the phrase Star Trek, which is Hov leng (1), but neither the series titles nor the movie titles have been officially translated. There are some suggestions done by klingonists which are shown here.

Suggested Translations

Television series

Star Trek: The Original Series Hov leng: ghe'naQ wa'DIch lit. "first opera"
Star Trek: The Animated Series Hov leng: ghe'naQ DIjlu'ta'bogh lit. "opera which has been drawn"
Star Trek: The Next Generation Hov leng: puq poH veb lit. "the next generation", based on known vocabulary
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Hov leng: logh Hop Hut tengchaH (2)
Star Trek: Voyager Hov leng: Voyager not translated to lengwI', because "Voyager" is a proper name
Star Trek: Enterprise Hov leng: 'entepray' see MOVED TO... Enterprise

Feature films

Star Trek: The Motion Picture Hov leng: ghe'naQ'a' lit. "big opera"
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Hov leng 2: Khan QeH -
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Hov leng 3: Spock nejlu' lit. "one searches for Spock"
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Hov leng 4: juH leng note that juHDaq leng is incorrect
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Hov leng 5: HeH Qav lit. "the last border"
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Hov leng 6: Sep tu'be'lu'ta'bogh -
Star Trek Generations Hov leng puq poHmey -
Star Trek: First Contact Hov leng: ghom'a' wa'DIch lit. "first gathering"
Star Trek: Insurrection Hov leng: QuD -
Star Trek Nemesis Hov leng jagh'a' lit. "big enemy"
Star Trek (2009) Hov leng (2009)
Star Trek Into Darkness Hov leng Hurgh lit. "dark Star Trek"
Star Trek Beyond Hov leng 'em lit. "area behind Star Trek"

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1 : Star Trek Communicator edition 104

2 : SkyBox Trading Card #99

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