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startrek.klingon was the third of three Usenet newsgroups where Marc Okrand answered questions and provided lots of interesting information about Klingon.

Messags by Okrand

From February 1998 until December 1999, Okrand wrote 29 messages to the board. (1)

# Date Title Contents Archived
1 21 Feb 1998 Re: color (for Okrand) PICK explaining more colors see posting on KA  
2 23 Feb 1998 Re: For Dr Okrand about type 3 suffixes in verbs with a type 4 suffix see posting on KA  
3 24 Feb 1998 Re: color (for Okrand) about a minor typo he made see posting on KA  
4 02 Mar 1998 Re: -be’, -Ha’ giving examples see posting on KA  
5 02 Mar 1998 Re: -be’, -Ha’ the difference between Qochbe' and QochHa' see posting on KA  
6 02 Mar 1998 Re: Problem with -meH and negative meanings Morska dialect and the spelling in TKD see posting on KA  
7 20 Mar 1998 Re: ’ej and sequence (for Dr. Okrand) In short, 'ej is neutral as to time see posting on KA  
8 23 Mar 1998 Re: DIr­mey pagh DIr­Du’ -Daq and -vo' express only notions related to space see posting on KA  
9 23 Mar 1998 Re: DIr­mey pagh DIr­Du’ skins as clothing are no longer a body part see posting on KA  
10 01 Apr 1998 Re: What about Jimmy Dr Okrand? James Doohan invented the first Klingon words see posting on KA  
11 05 May 1998 Re: mu­qaD veS!!!!!!! PICK introducing "fork" and "spoon" see posting on KA  
12 05 May 1998 Re: New Klingon Language Lab Disks About updating the CDs see posting on KA  
13 22 May 1998 Re: na­Dev vay’ tu’­lu’­’a’? simple absence message see posting on KA  
14 16 Jun 1998 Re: “cleric” – Dr. Okrand? giving a suggestion to translate "cleric" see posting on KA  
15 17 Jun 1998 Re: “cleric” – Dr. Okrand? asks what "cleric" may be depending on context see posting on KA  
16 09 Jul 1998 Re: ma­Hegh­law’­lI’ tbd see posting on KA  
17 20 Oct 1998 Re: The spelling of the name of a weapon and the Klingon alphabet. tbd see posting on KA  
18 20 Oct 1998 Re: Just curious... tbd see posting on KA  
19 07 Dec 1998 Re: walls tbd see posting on KA  
20 04 Jan 1999 Re: ghew qab tbd see posting on KA  
21 04 Jan 1999 Re: ghew qab tbd see posting on KA  
22 21 Feb 1999 Re: wa­nI’ to replace time related relative pronoun tbd see posting on KA  
23 03 Feb 1999 Okrand Speaks: Measurement how measurements work see posting on KA  
24 19 Jul 1999 gods (from Marc) providing the word for "supernatural being" or "god" see posting on KA  
25 19 Jul 1999 chegh and new word tatlh (from Marc) PICK How chegh and tatlh work see posting on KA  
26 19 Jul 1999 where do you live? (from Marc) PICK How to ask "Where do you live?" see posting on KA  
27 05 Nov 1999 Re: And then...? And then...? (And then along came Jones...) – For MO PICK the word ngugh and the idiom pumDI' see posting on KA  
28 21 Nov 1999 Re: Cardinal Directions (to Marc Okrand) PICK cardinal directions see posting on KA  
29 01 Dec 1999 Re: Cardinal Directions (to Marc Okrand) few details on cardinal directions see posting on KA  

List of Usenet Groups

Time Newsgroup Name (not official)
1996-1997 Microsoft Network expert forum
1997 startrek.expertforum Star Trek Expert Forum
1998-1999 startrek.klingon Klingon Usenet Forum

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1 : See all messages in the Archive of Okrandian Klingon   on Klingonska Akademien

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