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All Klingon words of two or more syllables contain at least one stressed syllable. (1)

In a verb, the stress normally falls on the verb root itself; however, a suffix which ends with ' (the apostrophe) will also get stress. If the meaning of a particular verb suffix is to be emphasized, then the stress may shift to the suffix, even if it does not end with '. The Rover verb suffix -qu' may be used to emphasize a given suffix; in this case the suffix being emphasized may not have stress, -bej for example, but -qu' would be stressed because it ends with '.

In a noun, the final syllable of the root noun is usually stressed. However, if a noun suffix ends with ', that will usually get the stress instead of the root noun's final syllable. If two syllables in a row end with ', they are equally stressed.

Additional notes

There is some variability with stress patterns that is not completely understood. This may be due to different dialectical patterns, or foreign species having been assimilated into the Klingon Empire and applying their original language stress patterns.

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1 : The Klingon Dictionary

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