Studies and thesises on the Klingon language

The Klingon language is regularly an interesting topic for students and linguists to write a thesis about it, or its surrounding culture.

2004: Klingon as Linguistic Capital

Yens Wahlgren from Sweden wrote his bachelor thesis in 2004 with the title "Klingon as Linguistic Capital. A Sociologic Study of Nineteen Advanced Klingonists." To do this, he visited the qep'a' and the qepHom in 2004 where he talked to the Klingonists.

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2010: Adapting Shakespeare

In spring 2010, Karolina Kazimierczak from Great Britain wrote a paper with the title "Adapting Shakespeare for Star Trek and Star Trek for Shakespeare: The Klingon Hamlet and the Spaces of Translation".

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2015: Heidelberg Survey

In 2015, a student of the University of Heidelberg in Germany Juan Llull Morey carried out a study of Klingon. He set up a survey, which was answered by 12 people.

2017: Unnatural Stress Patterns

In 2017, Joseph W. Windsor and Robyn Stewart co-authored "Can Unnatural Stress Patterns Be Learned: New Evidence from Klingon." The article uses recordings of seven advanced tlhIngan Hol speakers created at qep'a' cha'maH cha'DIch.

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2017: Die klingonische Phonologie und ihre lautliche Realisierung

Rebecca Palm wrote a bachelor's thesis in German on Klingon's phonology. The paper's subtitle is: "Analyze zweier Klingonisch-Sprecher." As a part of this project, Palm conducted a survey of the Klingon-speaking community and collected data regarding frequency of language use, study methods, etc.

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