Susan Frank Klingon Fandom Collection

The Susan Frank Collection is a collection of a total of 49 boxes including klingon and Star Trek fanzines located at the library of Temple University (1). It was donated by Susan Frank (Philadelphia, PA) to the university in 1999 and 2003 and includes material from 1967 until 2002.

Description of the collection

The collection includes fanfiction, club newsletters, reference works, calendars, and several pieces of realia such as Klingon-themed jewelry. There is one box of professionally published books - on Klingons and Star Trek, as well as several academic monographs on fan studies. The collectionh also includes many songbooks with so-called "filksongs".

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1 : Sue Frank Collection of Klingon and Star Trek Fanzines at Temple University Library, retrieved 08 February 2016

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