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first design, not the final version
tISang (English spelling t'Sang in the closed captions) is the name of a Klingon gambling game of dice which was first seen on the Orion market on Kronos in the Star Trek: Discovery episode Will You Take My hand?. Having Voq's memories, Ash Tyler was able to play it very well.

In the episode, the game was drawn on the floor with paint (or chalk).


The name of this game is literally translated "obliterate them", as explained correctly by Tyler in that episode (at 18:47). The word consists of the imperative prefix tI- you-them and the verb Sang obliterate.

In first versions of design development, the game was called t'Sang and tS'ang as a reference to Discovery's graphic designer Andy Tsang (1). Klingon translator Robyn Stewart pointed them to the fact that word even had a meaning in Klingon, so they fixed the spelling and added a line to the script.

Words on the board

The words shown on the design draft are partially not correct, and were not used in the show.

The words juS (pass) and Qo' juS, with incorrect word order for juSQo' ("don't pass", as a command) were corrected in the show as vang (act) and vangbe' (not act).

Related words

During the game, the following words can be heard. (2)

Croupier says:
  • wIvraj tIDoQ. Place your bets.

Players can say:
  • DoqwI'. Red.
  • wa' / cha' / wej one, two, three
  • pojwI' analyzer (the "croupier" of the game)

The winner can say:
  • yay! yIQaw' Victory! Destroy him!


1 : confirmed in a message on Twitter of February 13, 2019 from Andy Tsang

2 : heard during the episode Will You Take My hand?

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