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This is a list of chapters in Marc Okrand's first book The Klingon Dictionary, which can be displayed on pages about the book.

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Chapters of The Klingon Dictionary
1. The sounds of Klingon
1.1. Consonants
1.2. Vowels
1.3. Stress
2. Introduction
3. Nouns
3.1. Simple nouns
3.2. Complex nouns
3.3. Suffixes
3.4. The noun-noun construction
4. Verbs
4.1. Pronominal prefixes
4.2. Suffixes
4.3. Rovers
4.4. Adjectives
5. Other kinds of words
5.1. Pronouns
5.2. Numbers
5.3. Conjunctions
5.4. Adverbials
5.5. Exclamations
5.6. Names and address
6. Syntax
6.1. Basic sentences
6.2. Complex sentences
6.3. To Be
6.4. Questions
6.5. Commands
6.6. Comparatives and superlatives
6.7. Placement of adverbial elements
6.8. Indirect objects

7. Clipped Klingon
7.1. Commands
7.2. Responses to commands, status reports
7.3. Duress, excitement


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