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The German internet and mobile phone provider T-Mobile published a commercial in January of 2017 on Austrian radio stations in which Klingon was mentioned and spoken. The story of the clip is that a woman learns Klingon, because her download is too slow. She also speaks one Klingon word. This clip is part of a series of TV spots in which the slogan "Wer wartet, kommt auf dumme Ideen" (Who waits, gets stupid ideas) is shown. The spot was produced by the Hamburg advertisement agency Jung von Matt.


Role Original text Translation
Speaker Wenn Emma warten muss, lernt sie Französisch. When Emma has to wait, she learns French.
Emma Bonjour! Bonjour!
Speaker Wenn Emma länger warten muss, lernt sie Klingonisch. When Emma has to wait for long, she learns Klingon.
Emma noch-näch! noch-nech! [most likely: nuqneH ]
Speaker Wer wartet, kommt auf dumme Ideen. Who waits, gets stupid ideas.
  (Rest of the spot not shown)

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