taHjaj wo' Barbershop Quartet

qep'a' javDIch had an unusually rich qep'a' Cabaret. Among the skits and presentations was an adaptation of a scene from Meredith Willson's The Music Man. Several bickering crewmen (charghwI', ghunchu'wI', and Seqram) and their commander (HoD Qanqor) found harmony - literally - by singing the word 'awje' in the manner of the River City school board's "ice cream". They then broke out into a full barbershop arrangement of taHjaj wo'.

A few seconds of the performance's audio were apparently captured by someone in attendance. (Details and a pointer to an online file, please?) The quartet recorded a "studio version" at the time using a portable mixer and tape system, but the poor quality of the result was unworthy of distribution. A year later, each performer's part was recorded separately, then skillfully combined by HoD Qanqor into a finished work.

The taHjaj wo' barbershop arrangement appears on the HoD Qanqor tIqDu' mob ghom album.
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