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TalkNow is a language learning software, also available with Klingon(1). It is published by the experienced language-teaching company EuroTalk. It includes many new words and expressions translated by Marc Okrand himself, so it is considered as Canon. Available since october 2011 through Amazon or directly from the publisher's homepage EuroTalk. It is available as a CD-ROM and as a download and works with Windows and Mac and the user language can be switched at any time.

The program contains an exercise area that teaches the words with images and sound. A game area with different levels of difficulty will teach the words during a game. You can stop the quiz at any time and continue later.


+ Beginners will enjoy this software, because it contains the basics of Klingon. The advanced speaker will also enjoy it, as it contains many new expressions and words we haven't heard of before.

- The pronunciation is not perfect, especially with Q pronounced as H, but also with many of the vowels and other consonants like D and S.


There are three versions available, the contents of two of which are identical: a Download version and a CD-ROM version. The major difference is only the look of the software.

The third version is an iOS version called uTalk Klingon(2).

The Android version of uTalk does not have Klingon as an option.


Marc Okrand & Jonathan Brown
Release date: 2011
ISBN-10: 1846066069

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