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Tele 5

Tele 5 is a german TV channel, which is currently broadcasting all Star Trek series. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek in 2016 they advertised intensivly with various projects.

"Learn Klingon"

A webpage was realised with tips and tricks for learning Klingon.(1) This contains:

"Star Trek book of etiquette"

tele5 kasse.jpg
Screenshot of the video with pIqaD
In a series of funny, entertaining videos, a code of conduct for humans, vulcans and klingons is shown(2). The klingon was played by Ralf Gebhart.


In this clip the klingon takes a bottle and says vItlhutlh vIneH I want to trink it.

At the register

This video shows a scene in a supermarket. The cashier puts a sign on the band with the text "register closed", followed by klingon signs known as pIqaD. But this isn't Klingon, but just the sentence "Sie uns auch' Ihe service team" (originally SIe unS auchH' IHr ServIche team, _f*** you too, your service team*).


In this clip, the klingon enters a bar and sings the last two lines of the Klingon drinking song.

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