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Lego movie "Unexpected Enemy"

Klingonist Terrence Donnelly has produced four lego movies, all spoken in Klingon by noted members of the KLI. This is the transcript of the episode jagh pIHbe'lu'bogh.


Captain neHmaHvo' wo' logh 'el yotwI'
Captain 'e' lumaqlaw' chuq'a' HotlhwI'.
Captain DujHey tIn 'oH.
Captain yotwI' ghochmeH,
Captain bortaS bIr ngeHlu'.
Captain wo' Hung buQchugh yotwI', Qaw'nIS bortaS bIr
Helm HoD
Captain qa'Ij
Helm DoSHeymaj lungu' noch.
Captain jIjaH
Captain peja'!
Science Officer DaH cha' netlh qelI'qam 'oH yotwI' chuq'e'. cholmeH He ghoStaH
Captain yIHotlh!
Helm lu' qaH
Crew tInqu'
Science Officer tlhoS vagh qelI'qam 'aD.
Captain Doj
Science Officer yuQHom chIm chollI' yotwI'
Helm chay' jura', qaH?
Captain wIy yIcha'
Helm lu' qaH
Captain botjan yIchu'!
Helm lu' qaH
Captain HIvHe yInab!
Helm lu' qaH
Captain nISwI' DaH yIlIS: vulmoHmeH HoS!
Helm lu' - ?
Captain jIqID neH
Captain yIbachrup.
Science Officer HoD! qaS vay'!
Captain yuQ Hoch Sop jay'.
Science Officer vIHchoHqa' yotwI'.
Helm chay' jura', HoD?
Captain QeDpIn!
Science Officer qa'Ij, qaH!
Captain nuqDaq ghoSlI' Dochvetlh?
Science Officer choHbe'chugh HeDaj DoDaj joq,
Science Officer 'ej botbe'chugh pagh,
Science Officer chorghmaH Soch nem
Science Officer Qo'noS paw.
Captain DeghwI'! Hemaj wa'DIch yIghoSqa'
Captain pa'wIjDaq jIHtaH
Captain qon:
Captain wo'Daq latlh yuQDaq
Captain yer vISamnIS.
Captain Hubbeq vImuvHa'ta'DI',
Captain pa' vIDab vIneH.

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