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ter'eS Lego Movies

Hov leng (klingon for Star Trek) is the name of a short series of Stop Motion Lego movies existing within the Star Trek universe, portraying the adventures of a crew of a klingon Bird of Prey. They were made by Terrence Donnelly (Klingon name: ter'eS), spoken partially by members of the KLI.

Most remarkable is that the dialogue is entirely in klingon, although there are english subtitles.

So far there are four movies:
Episode Klingon titel Length Speaker Details
"Unexpected Enemy" jagh pIHbe'lu'bogh 3:58 min Robyn Stewart, d'Armond Speers, Terrence Donnelly, Paul Donnelly Details
"What Trouble With Tribbles" chay' qay' yIHmey 9:41 min Lieven Litaer, d'Armond Speers, Terrence Donnelly, Robyn Stewart, Cat Jefferson Details
"P.S.A." HochvaD De' potlh 8:45 min Terrence Donnelly, Paul Donnelly, Will Donnelly Details
"Tradition" lurDech 7:50 min Sarah Bernard, Emma Donnelly, Ruth Donnelly, Will Donnelly, Felix Malmenbeck Details

Originally, the dialogue texts (including translation) were available from Terrence' homepage. Unfortunately it is now offline and unavailable even through the WebArchive. Subtitles for the first two episodes can be retrieved here  and here , both are in SSA (SubStation Alpha) format.

Lyrics of the fourth episode are part of Khemorex Klinzhai's song collection.

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