How Do I say... "Thank you"

We all know that Klingons are usually very straightforward. They never use terran phrases like "please", "good morning", or "thank you" (1) (2). But that does not mean that they are impolite. They just think it is not necessary.


There is a verb tlho' thank, but Klingons would not use it in every day speech. You may "thank" somebody if he saved your life, but not for passing you the salt.

To form a sentence with this word, you need to add the prefix qa- I-you to the verb and you get qatlho' I thank you. This word has been heard on screen few times (3), or written in books like kadlo. Try not to use it too often.


This other expression means literally Well done! (4). It's probably the better way to say "thank you" in daily use. (5)

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