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The Big Book of Klingon Culture

The Big Book of Klingon Culture is a non-official (i.e. not licensed) book written by Rupert Czukay. According to its own description, it "describes details on Klingon politics, language, and history." (1) The book actually consists of pages taken from Wikipedia, as you can quickly see on lines like "V'Ger" redirects here. For the Hewlett-Packard calculator, see HP 49G. from the page   "List of Star Trek characters (T-Z)". Some chapters are included twice.


The layout of the book is an absolute mess, it is obvious the editor did not pay attention to the contents or the layout and just generated the pages from Wikipedia automatically, maybe even with the "create book" option there. The text even contains links to websites which do not work in a written version, of course.

Klingon language

In this work, there is nothing about the Klingon language. The only reference to it can be found on the very first chapter, that starts with "This article is about the fictional alien species. For the language, see Klingon language." – this is the first line of the Wikipedia article   "Klingon". The paragraph about the language from that Wikipedia page is also in the book.

Rating and reviews

On, there is 1 rating which gives 5 Stars with no review, very likely by the author himself. On Amazon, there are 2 negative ratings which recommend not to buy the book. (2)


Title The Big Book of Klingon Culture
Author Rupert Czukay
Format Paperback
Year 7 October 2015
Pages 185 (198 with empty pages and contents)
Publisher (print-on-demand)
Dimensions 8.5 x 11 inch / 210 x 279 mm (letter)
Weight 508 gram
ISBN 1329605713
ISBN-13 9781329605718

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