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The Klingon Micropaedia - Sovta'Hom tlhIngan

The Klingon Micropaedia is a fan created book of 1992 about the Klingon culture, created by "Robert Earl Day and others"(1), although it is not sure if this is a real person or a pseudonym. Other contributors of the book are Dudley, McEwen, Churchfield, Dryer, Reub, Gaffney, Dilley. The book is listed in the library of the Texas A&M University (2) as part of the Susan Frank collection.


The book consists of 106 pages. Not much can be said about the contents, except from the cover:
Containing Selected Excerpts from The Klingon Encyclopedia. A Comprehensice Study of One of the Major Alien Species of Star Trek.


The book does not contain much about language, and no exercises. Since nothing is known about the book's contents, nothing can be said about its quality.

Analysis of the title

The klingon title of the book Sovta'Hom tlhIngan makes no real sense, although it seems te be a try to translate the English title. It may be translated in several ways: Sov means knowledge plus the diminutive suffix -Hom. The part ta' makes not much sense in the phrase. As a verb suffix attached to the verb Sov (meaning "has known"), the suffix -Hom cannot be attached. As a noun, the compund noun Sovta' can mean "knowledge-deed" or "knowledge-emperor", which both do not make much sense.

No matter what the first word means, the word order should be reversed. According to the noun-noun-construction, N1-N2 means N2 of the N1, so the title reads "the Klingon of the knowledge". It should be tlhIngan Sov(ta')Hom "Micropaedia of Klingon."

Klingon letters

The cover page displays the title using klingon letters known as pIqaD. They use the mapping suggested by the KLI only one year before the release of the book, but the symbols are hand drawn. The letters represent the title Sovta'Hom tlhIngan


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