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The Last Pastoral

The Last Pastoral is a poem by the author Michael R. Collings, published in his book Naked to the Sun: Dark Visions of Apocalypse in 1984. A klingon translation of the poem was published in 2009(1).


The poem tells the thoughts of a man on a Lunar outpost who has just watched civilization on Earth violently destroy itself, who has just watched his lone companion quietly commit suicide by leaving the outpost without a pressure suit, and who has as his only diversion a malfunctioning audio device which plays scrambled snippets of 16th Century love poetry.

Klingon translation

A fledgling webzine requested the assistance of the KLI in translating the poem[citation needed]. Robyn Stewart (Qov) took on the task, and with the assistance of Alan Anderson (ghunchu'wI') produced a Klingon version that does justice to the original and literally ends with a bang(2). The webzine apparently folded before publishing the translation, but the poem is published in a new book by the author.

Klingon Title

The Klingon title of the poem is Hatlh bom Qav, literally The final song of the countryside. The translator explains it this way(3):
I realized I didn't really know what "The Last Pastoral" meant when I first saw it, so why shouldn't a Klingon have to stop and wonder what the heck a countryside poem is?


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