The new guide to Klingon words and phrases

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The new guide to Klingon words and phrases is a 12 page promotional booklet, which was distributed with VHS tapes in the year 1993, promoting Klingon language related products by Simon & Schuster like The Klingon Dictionary, Conversational Klingon and the Star Trek Encyclopedia.


The front cover is printed in color and shows an image of Colonel Worf from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. The rest of it is only black and white. The back cover shows an order page with information on the above mentioned books.


It primarily contains excerpts from TKD and phrases from CK, like replacement proverbs, secrecy proverbs and nentay phrases.

Since the phrases are taken from the known sources, they are all correct and contain no new expressions, but they are filled with typos. Mostly, capital I (eye) and lower case l (ell) are switched, producing SuvwL' and tIqILj. But there are also lots of other typos and incorrect spaces: SuvwI' 'n' / SuvwI''a', not mov peghmey / not mev peghmey, bInajlaHvIS / bInajtaHvIS etc.

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