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The Young Hunter

The Young Hunter - A Klingon Folktale or Klingon Fable: The Legend of Gorath is an animated video, which can be seen on since 2003 (1). This video was translated into Klingon by Brad Wilson.

The Klingon translation wamwI' Qup was published by him in four parts in the mailing list, starting in march 2015, where he asked for comments (2):

Text as message to the mailing list Summary of the comments
part 1   part 1  
part 2   part 2  
part 3   part 3  
part 4   part 4  

The translation seems to be finished, according to the messages in the mailing list. The only thing missing is the publication of the final version after working in the comments from the mailing list.

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1 : Video, retrieved 23rd of July 2016

2 : Message to the mailing list, retrieved 23rd of July 2016


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