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In Klingon, there is no noun with the meaning of "this" or "that", so a direct translation of "I want that" is not possible. When used in combination with a noun – as in "this book" – the suffixes -vam and -vetlh are attached to the noun. See type 4 noun suffixes for details.

If it is wished to express this/that as a standalone noun, like "I want that!", a different approach is needed. When using this method, it is important to have an object with the used verb. Simply saying vImuS "I hate it" may lead to confusion.

For actual things one can point at:
  • Dochvam vIparHa' "I like this thing."
  • Sojvam vIparHa' "I like this food."
  • Daqvam vIparHa' "I like this place."

For situations or events:
  • ghu'vam vIpar "I dislike this situation."
  • wanI'vam vImuS "I hate this event."

For sentences:
If somebody asks a question if you agree doing something, usually the answer is yes or no. If it is preferred to avoid such a straightforward answer, it is possible to repeat the question and answer with a sentence as object: maSop 'e' vIparHa' "I like that we eat."

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