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Timeless is an American science fiction time travel TV series that premiered on NBC on October 3, 2016. (1) During the season 2 finale, episode "Chinatown" of May 13, 2018, a message written in Klingon letters was a major plot detail: In this episode, a person named Jiya (Claudia Doumit) gets kidnapped into the late 19th century. Time traveler Rufus (Malcolm Barratt) from the present finds an old black and white photo of Jiya, which shows a message for him written in Klingon letters. It gives the coordinates of the time machine named Lifeboat and also says "Do not come" for her. Of course, they decide to get her anyway. (2) (3)


  • The lines are not real Klingon, but they are written in English using Klingon letters known as pIqaD.
  • The first two lines show a couple of numbers which are identified in the show as GPS coordinates but they do not quote them. The coordinates are 37.3629917°, -122.3233234°, which is somewhere close to San Francisco. See the place on   Google maps.
  • The third line is not actually in Klingon. It simply uses the letters for "Do not come" as if they were typed on a modern keyboard. The letter representing the C is actually the sound ch in Klingon. In actual Klingon, the third line would have read HIghoSQo', rendered in pIqaD as higosqoz.


Captain Kirk actor William Shatner commented on this with a very short tweet: "#Timeless Klingon?"(4)


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