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tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom

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The phrase tlhIngan Hol mu'ghom literally means "Klingon language dictionary" and is the title of a Wordpress website about Klingon vocabulary. It was established on February 23, 2018, but it is not known who is the owner/author of it.


It is notable that it seems to contain really everything which is canon information on vocabulary and pronunciation. Naming each quoted work would be too much here, as the website just quotes all that is known, including personal emails that are saved in the archives, and even quotes from this Klingon Language Wiki you are looking at.


  • The list has invisible empty entries for non existent words, which may become words one day.
  • Some Klingon names of Klingonists are also listed, such as QeS for Rhona Fenwick. (1)
  • The page also shows some non-canon combinations, like QIn tetlh for "mailing list".

Pronunciation guide

  • It is interesting to see that the pronunciation of the letters has, in addition to the canon explanations, also the linguistic desription of the sound, such as the letter b is labeled with "voiced bilabial stop".
  • Longer words are split up in syllables, as in baq.ghol and paQ.DI'.norgh.

Klingon letters

The site uses Klingon letters known as pIqaD, but it's not the KLI's nor the Klingonska Ademien pIqaD font.


  • The website has a very clear and simple layout without any fancy images or menu.
  • The search function is not working properly.
  • Instead of a standard apostrophe, they mostly use the curly "right single quote". The problem with that is that it is sometimes converted into the "left single quote", what makes it look a bit weird.

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